Welcome to our blog

Hi there! Welcome to our blog! Here I will share my passion and enthusiasm for videography and how this passion helped me produce wonderful, memorable and effective videos. Your story is my masterpiece and I believe that photos are not enough to capture a certain moment in your life; it’s the videos that will give that nostalgic feeling.


As what you can see on my website, the services I offer include engagement, wedding, quinceañera, business, real estate, and other promotional videos. I also do aerial shots using a drone.


Through this blog, I’ll share with you all my experiences, adventures and sometimes struggles while working and dealing with different clients. As well as how I conceptualize to come up with a good content and output. 


Here you will also see the best side of videography which is capturing the best scenes and moments with different emotions in the life of my clients. I stand witness to their story and capture it as it unfolds. And by adding my skills in cinematography, I always make sure to include all the beautiful elements in order to create a video that will showcase the best day in their life that they’ve always dreamed of.


Another side of my job is helping business owners through a few minutes of video to reach their target market in order to establish a good name for their business and boost their sales and income.


Checking this blog will also make you updated and informed with the latest trends when it comes to videography and to get all sorts of news that’s happening in this industry. 


I’ll promise that you’ll hear from me more often through this blog. Can I also make a request? This is a two-way street, I’d love to hear from you. I’m open to any suggestions and comments. Or if you just want to send some love, say Hi, or to keep yourself updated with my latest promos, announcements, etc., make sure you Like my Facebook page here: Nikki Sienna Production and follow my Instagram at @nikkisiennaproduction.